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About Us

     Like many, we got our first dwarf goats for a 4-Hproject.  We quickly fell for the breed and their milk. They are such friendly goats, so happy to spend time with you.  They are a perfect size for smaller kids to work with.  They come in so many different colors and patterns it is hard not to get drawn into wanting one of each.  Their milk is incredibly rich and makes wonderful cheese and ice cream, not to mention cappucinos.  We haven't bought milk from the store in years now.  These animals are now part of our lives.  I don't foresee a time without them.  They are not farm animals to us, they are pets that happen to provide for us.  Each one is an individual and we love learning about the kids born every year.   

     This year we will be participating in DHIA testing.  We have a certified goat milk tester in house and will be tracking production, quality, and more in all our does individually in an effort to improve our herd.  

    We register our goats mainly through ADGA.  Some could be registered through AGS as well.  I prefer ADGA for their many online tools and their office has been great when we've had questions.   

   If you are considering goats, or have goats even, and have questions, feel free to contact us.   We love to talk goats and would be happy to share what we've learned.   Raising goats is so rewarding, we love to share that.

A great resource for color patterns and other Nigerian Dwarf genetics: