HonkNanny Farm

Golden Ticket Loki -

DOB - March 16, 2013

Loki earned his mischievous name when we darted out of the pen minutes after bringing him home.  Nothing like watching goat disappear into the wilds after spending 5, maybe six hours travelling to get him home.  He avoided predators for the night and was spotted in our neighbors carport the next morning.  He spent 2 hours evading us, but eventually he was caught and returned home.   He is now very at home here and very good friends with Pogo.   Loki is polled and blue eyed.  His dam and sire are both Castle Rock.   We have great hopes for his progeny.   So far he's passed on the polled gene to 3 of 3 offspring.  All 3 are blue eyed as well.  

Painted Minis Chachi De Rio -

DOB - February 9, 2013

We nicknamed him Pogo shortly after he arrived at our farm.  He bounced around the yard.  He didn't walk for many months, just hopped.  He has matured in a wonderful buck; very friendly, mellow, easy to work with.  

He has a thick barrel and comes from some wonderful dairy lines.  His mother's udder was a sight to see.   Looking forward to seeing what he can bring into our lines with his many colors, blue eyes and wattles.   

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