HonkNanny Farm

Licorice - 

DOB - unknown, around 2004 

She is not a registered dairy goat.  We bought her from a petting zoo, of all places.  She's been a model milk goat from day one.  The only thing I would change is her udder.  It is too small for her production level.   To get the most from her I would need to milk more than 2x per day.  She's a terrific mother, healthy and easy births.  Licorice is not pure dwarf goat, she has some pygmy in her family tree, three or so generations back.  

3GFF Brie -

DOB - March 12, 2014

ADGA Registration Pending

Brie is one of our junior does.  Her conformation looks great so far.  (Except when standing down hill for her photo.)   

Castle Rock Sleet -

DOB - April 19, 2011

ADGA Registraion #D001584689

Sleet comes from true Champion dairy goat bloodlines. Her mother has won numerous awards.  Sleet came to us dry having kidded once before in March 2012.  She is due mid June 2014.  We are hopeful some of her mother's dairy-ness has been passed down.  She is a on the tall end of the range, and very broad.  Time will tell how her udder and production are.  She's big for dwarf goats, but just makes the top end of the breed standard.

HonkNanny Farm Calico Pearl (Cali) -

DOB - April 7, 2013

ADGA Registration #D001634116

Cali is the daughter of a phenomenal doe.  She produced 1/2 gallon per milking her first year, a superb dairy goat.  We lost Cali's mom and 4 kids during labor spring 2014.  We are hoping Cali inherited her mother's udder and production.  Cali had her first kids May 22, 2014 and looks to be following in her mother's footsteps.  Her udder is shaping up very nicely.  

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats


CLF Mochi -

DOB - March 4, 2012

ADGA Registraion #D001662644

Mochi came to us after a long search for a wattled doe.  She is our smallest doe at the bottom end of accepted standards.  She is extremely sweet, very mellow.  We are hoping she passes this on to her kids.  Time will show us how much dairy she develops.