HonkNanny Farm

Kidding Schedule

               Dam                Sire         Due/Kidding Date   Doelings          Bucklings       Goats For Sale 
Calico PearlLoki5/22/142 blue eyes, pollednone no, retained
MochiPogo5/27/140 blue eyes and wattles1 yes
SleetLokiJune 18, 2014
 blue eyes and polled possible

LicoricePogoJune 18, 2014
 blue eyes and wattles possible

Our 2014 kids are just starting to arrive!

Yes, we have baby goats for sale!  Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, great family milk goats.

A great resource for color patterns and other Nigerian Dwarf genetics:


Licorice's Kids 

Sleet's Kids 

Mochi's Kids 

May 22, 2014 -  2 blue eyed polled does

Calico's Kids 

 One buck, blue eyes and wattles. Really takes after his sire  

Photos of last years kids can be viewed at photos.honknanny.com

Kids due June 18, 2014.

She gave us twins last time, I expect the same this year.  

Kids due June 18, 2014.

Given her large size I'm expecting at least triplets.